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September 07, 2004

Bill O'Reilly for Senate? and other buzz

The NY Daily News' Lloyd Grove (who proved what big ears he has as the WashPost's hear-all gossip columnist for years) has a lead item in his column this morning about Bill O'Reilly's seriously considering a Senate run against Hillary. I have no love for Hillary---she's cold and a faux liberal-- but I don't think O'Reilly's confrontational personality would stand him in good stead as a candidate ("beating up on a woman" doesn't sit well with a lot of voters--as Hillary's last opponent, Rick Lazio, found when his slash-and-burn debate attacks on La Clinton sent his own candidacy down in flames). And O'Reilly's way too conservative for New York City voters....

.... More gossip--- Rudy's GOP Convention speech --which I called on this blog "one of the cleverest acts of nationalist demagogy in the history of U.S. political conventions"--was "written by Ken Kurson, a Jersey guy who coauthored Giuliani’s book, Leadership". So sayeth my pal Nick Acocella in this AM's edition of his insider newsletter NJ Politifax (for what's up in the Garden State, Nick's ears as big as Grove's).
....And while we're on the topic of New Jersey, the Trenton Times reports this morning that Gov. Jim McGreevey is in negotiation with various TV shows for a "media breakout" which, according to one of the governor's advisers, "is for Jim McGreevey to educate the public on the dilemmas he has faced and are faced by thousands of gay men." I'm not wild about the idea of McGreevey trying to rehabilitate his image by becoming a poster boy for the gay community. As I wrote in my piece for the L.A. Weekly on "McGreevey's Closet", "he is no gay hero. And his unethical conduct cannot be excused by the closet."...
....A new Pew Poll on Religion and Politics out today shows that seven-in-ten voters (72%) say it is important to them that a president have strong religious beliefs. That is a frightening number for one who is, like me, proudly godless and secular--but it also ought to worry the Kerry campaign after the frequent invocations of the mythical higher power at the GOP Convention. Another finding: on "the failed effort by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to display a monument to the Ten Commandments in the State Supreme Court building, ­ a sizable majority of the public (72%) believes that it is proper to display the commandments in public buildings; just 23% say this is improper. More Republicans (86%) than Democrats (64%) say it is proper to display the Ten Commandments in government buildings. Among certain Kerry voters a majority (57%) agree." I predicted this issue would have a significant elecoral impact in my TomPaine.com column on "Roy's Rock" in August last year.

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