September 21, 2004

A new set of polls for Knight-Ridder/MSNBC shows Bush leading Kerry in five of seven "blue" states Gore won four years ago.
Conducted by Mason-Dixon Research, the polls show that in Iowa, Bush led Kerry by 48-42 percent; in Minnesota, by 46-44; in New Mexico, by 47-43; in Oregon, by 47-43; and in Wisconsin by 46-44.Kerry held a razor-thin lead of 45-44 percent in Pennsylvania. In Michigan, he led by 47-41, his strongest state among the seven.

These polls also show that the GOP anti-gay marriage crusade is working: "Bush's opposition to gay marriage also may help explain his appeal. A majority of likely voters supported banning gay marriage in the five Gore 2000 states questioned about it last week: Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin." ....Ouch!

Today's Boston Globe has a tough Patrick Healey piece on Kerry's various positions on Iraq and Afghanistan--if voters recall all this, Kerry's big speech on Iraq at NYU seems even more hollow than I and most analysts found it...And The Hill is reporting on the Congressional Black Caucus's "hurt and anger" with Kerry's campaign, which suggests there are problems with a substantial turnout among black voters...

WASHINGTON'S K STREET LOBBYING FIRMS, meanwhile, are betting on a second Bush term and continued GOP domination of Congress. The Hill reports that retiring Democratic members are stuck in the revolving door without getting to the other side--their telephones aren't ringing with offers, but their GOP counterparts not seeking re-election are deluged with handsome proposals from Gucci Gulch. The coming feeding frenzy at the public trough promises to be quite a show--and the loophole-generating business is a growth industry. You know the old saying: in politics, the real scandal isn't what's illegal, it's what's legal....TO KEEP TABS on some of this legal boodling and influence-buying, Public Citizen has just created a valuable new website to track the activities of "Stealth PACS"--one of Corporate America's favorite but nearly invisible conduits for corruption....If you want to know how all this special interest influence-buying works, pick up my friend Micah Sifry's latest book, "Is That a Politician in Your Pocket? Washington on $2 Million a Day", co-written with his fellow Public Campaign watchdog, Nancy Watzman. It's full of juicy stories that connect the dots between private sector money and public policy--as an appetizer, you can find one of them, about the chemical industry's undermining of national security with the help of campaign cash, in The Nation. (I call Micah my blogodfather because he wouldn't let up on bugging me until I agreed to get myself a blog)....And the Center for Public Integrity today released a stinging four-part study of lobbying in Washington by OPEC countries--among the prominent lobbyists for big foreign oil is Bob Dole.

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I'm of two minds about the upcoming election: There is so much genuine dislike of Bush out there, that I think the GOP and their friends in the corporate oligarchy could be in for a very unpleasant surprise if they're counting their chickens just yet. Then again, the Dems are so fucking useless, I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. Even if Kerry wins, I fully expect him to be a horrible disappointment...at best. Sigh.

In the meantime, the Greens seem to be nicely self-destructing, and Ralph Nader has turned out to have a big-time case of the ol' feet of clay syndrome in his old age. The media is as corrupt as ever, as are "moderate" Republicans like John McCain. Ugh.

Posted by: John Dorrian | Sep 22, 2004 2:20:18 PM

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