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September 09, 2004

New ABC/WashPost Poll Confirms Big Bush Lead

A new ABC/WashPost poll out tonight confirms a significant lead and Convention bounce for Bush.
Among its findings: "registered voters by a 27-point margin now say Bush has taken a clearer stand than Kerry on the issues, by 27 points call Bush the stronger leader and by 19 points say he would make the country safer. Bush also has a 22-point advantage in trust to handle terrorism, a 16-point lead on Iraq and perhaps a slight edge even on the lukewarm economy." Added on top of the latest Gallup/USA Today/CNN battleground state polls showing a serious Bush lead in Ohio and a whopping new lead in Missouri,and its obvious the Kerry meltdown continues. Stu Rothenberg reported on CNN today that the Kerry campaign has now scratched from their list of states for their new wave of ads Missouri, Arizona, and 12 others they had previously listed as competitive priorities--a stark admission of the trouble JFK is in.
Both the ABC/Wash Post poll and the GAllup/USA Today/ Gallup survey show that, by large margins, voters have decided that they'd rather have Bush rather than Kerry handling Iraq. Nothing I've seen so far in the last days suggests Kerry is digging himself out of this hole--on the contrary. He keeps shooting himself in the foot, detracting from the domestic issues--especially the failing economy -- which are his last hope of turning the electoral situation around. I don't even care for his latest domestic issue TV spots, which I find vague and hardly grabbing. Kerry is blowing it bigtime--and the consequences will be tragic. More on this later....

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