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September 25, 2004


TODAY'S Washington Post carries an article on presidential ad buys that includes the following: "Kerry's campaign has moved ad money out of states once deemed competitive (Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Arizona and Colorado), but for now considered in Bush's column." Which means that, in effect, Kerry has all but conceded to Bush the home state of JFK's running mate, Johnny Ray Edwards. Which means, in turn, that for Erskine Bowles to hold Edwards' seat for the Dems, he'll have to run way, way ahead of the national ticket in North Carolina--an uphill climb at best....

THIS IS THE SAME LESSON to be drawn in Colorado, where the Denver Post reported a 12 point lead for Bush. So Ken Salazar, the His panic Dem who is the state's Attorney General, will have to run substantially ahead of the national ticket to beat brewery heritier Pete Coors. ....

In state polls this week, Bush had a 2-point lead in trditionallly Democratic Iowa and Minnesota and a 4 to 6 point lead in Wisconsin, depending on which poll one looked at. An AP disptach today reminded us that, "Because of population shifts since 2000 that favor Republicans, Kerry could win every state taken by Gore in 2000 and still would come up 10 votes short of the 270 needed to win the presidency." Which means that Kerry cannot lose a single one of these or any other "blue states" and still win the presidency...More notes later today)

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