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September 18, 2004

Voters say, Stop Talking About the Past

The new New York Times CBS poll out this morning--which gives Bush a healthy 7 point lead-- confirms what this blog has been saying for days. The Times reported that, in its survey, "a majority of voters said Kerry was spending too much time attacking Mr. Bush and talking about the past, rather than explaining what he would do as president. In contrast, half of the registered voters said Mr. Bush had offered a clear vision of what he wanted to do in a second term."

The poll's finding that roughly two thirds of Americns think that both Kerry and Bush are either "mostly lying" or "hiding something" about their respective military records shows that the Swifities' attacks on Kerry and the Democratic and "60 Minutes" assaults on Bush--although the latter appeared to have penetrated a bit more--are basically a wash, since at the same time Bush gets a 13 point advantage over Kerry on "strong leadership" from the same people who seem to believe that Bush may have been AWOL in the Guard. So, does this mean the Democratic command will scrap the distracting and counterproductive Guard attacks and get back to talking only about the economy? There are just six weeks left before the voting--and such a strategic pirouette, even if it is executed, may come too late.

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