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September 06, 2004

The AIPAC Connection--Target: Iran

This morning's New York Times frontpages a catch-up story--tardily and inferior compared to the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, and other media-- on the neocon AIPAC spies in and around Wolfie's shop in the Pentagon. What the Times left out is what all the spying was for--but Ha'aretz dotted the I's (for Israel) in its story today on the AIPAC connection:
"The Clinton administration laid the foundation for that option [of attacking Iran] by giving the Rabin government the okay to purchase, with coupons, the F-15I (dubbed "Thunder" in Israel). The Bush administration will complete the task by agreeing to give Israel air-to-surface munitions that will breach the mysteries of the nuclear network in the depths of Isfahan and other sites, far more concealed than the reactor that is on worldwide display at Bushehr. What the Americans are unable to do, because of European, United Nations and Congressional pressure, Israel will do."
Wolfie's man Doug Feith has been particularly assiduous in pressing the case for a "forward strategy" against Iran. Feith's views are madly extremist, and Jim Zogby collected them in an April profile of Feith that should scare the pants off of anyone rational. (Feith's been a major activist for years with the viciously anti-Arab crazies of the ZOA, the Zionist Organization of America). Kevin Drum, in his excellent Washington Monthly blog, picked up yesterday on a Time story quoting a Capitol Hill briefing by another of Wolfie's Pentagon cohorts, William Luti, who snarled that there are at least five or six foreign countries with traits that "no responsible leader can allow." One of those countries is, of course, Iran. My friend Jason Vest and Laura Rosen noted, in a September 3 American Prospect post online, that "a September 1 report by NBC speculated that the reason the Israelis may have broken their declared post-Pollard policy of not spying on the United States is because of Israel's preeminent concern about Iran's nuclear program, and its view that the United States may not be prepared to act assertively enough to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons." And, of course, the Feithian footpad at the DIA, Larry Franklin, is accused in particular of having passed a top-secret memo on Iran to the AIPAC duo for transmission to Sharon & Co. So, if the Pentagon neo-cons couldn't get the White House to green-light an attack on Iran, their back-up plan was to help Israel take out the supposed Iranian nukes--and it smells like some of the neo-cons were, like Sharon and Mossad, so ideologically obsessed with an attack on Iran that they were willing to go to any lengths, including espionage, to help Israel get it done. But with the Bush first-strike doctrine having been so belicosely reiterated at the Republicans' Convention--by everyone from the president to Gen. Tommy Franks' Rove-vetted speech--if, as now seems likely, Bush wins and no longer has to face the voters again, the Target: Iran policy may move to an aggressive new level. And the Likud government is the tail wagging the dog.
P.S. The Iraqi government has just announced that the trial of Saddam Hussein will be moved forward and will take place "within weeks"--in other words, before the U.S. election. TV coverage of Saddam in the dock can only help Bush. The White House, of course, had nothing at all to do with advancing the date....No-o-o sir, absolutely nothing....nothing at all...

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Just a quick question-how does someone who writes for a paper supported by Botox,chemical peels and phone sex ads get so righteous? Wow-maybe you should leave David Dreier alone.Hey why not focus on the false claims of one of the people that pay your salary.That would be a bold move. P.S.I am neither gay nor a Republican.

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