February 03, 2005


Readers of this blog will have noticed our frequent criticism of the collaborationist antics of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). A protest demonstration will be held outside HRC's $350-a-plate dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria at 5 P.M. this coming Saturday in New York City. The demo is called by Queer Fist (a radical gay collective that grew out of the protests at the Republican convention in New York), which says:

"While many members of the queer community are concerned with finding basic healthcare services, the Human Rights Campaign is more concerned that the members of the gay middle class have the 'right' to exchange state sanctioned vows. Blinded by the right, the HRC has failed to consistently represent the needs of the queer community, as made obvious by the Tri-State Federal Club's Corporate Equality Award, to be presented to none other than Pfizer Pharmaceuticals at their gala.  In December 2004, the group announced its willingness to support President Bush's social security privatization in exchange for benefits for same-sex couples. Join us February 5th at 5:00pm at the Waldorf Astoria as queers and allies to show the solidarity of the communities that the Human Rights Campaign lobby ignores and sells out." This is one demo that sounds like a good idea to me. Giving an award to a rapacious Big Pharma multinational is enough reason all by itself to holler.

Larry Kramer says he'll be there, adding that "HRC needs a swift kick in its keester to shape up or ship out. and these tasteless dinners they continue to throw when there is absolutely nothing to celebrate are particularly repellant  to me." If you're in the Big Apple this Saturday, give the demo a drop-in, and show HRC what you think of their Bush-coddling politics.

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I have always maintained MaCain was nothing but a front for Congress, I question his capture, his patriotism, his torture by the North Viet Nam, and his release, just as I question Kerry's. I cannot believe a person can endure such treatment knowing one's government has not been honest with it's fighting men, then come out and join that same government and conspire with the same lies. A true'r hypocrite has been never been exposed. Thank you Mr Ireland.

Posted by: Duane M Thomas | Mar 10, 2005 9:18:19 AM

Don't EVEN get me started on the HRC! When my cohorts and I (LJ Carusone, Michael Thurber and my life partner and the love of my life Andrea Johnson) were tying to start Marriage Equality California (MECA @ www.marriageequalityca.org) we could not get the time of day from them... and to top it off they wanted us to fold up and vanish as the "equal marriage question is a waste of time at this point" (that from "Lizzy" Birch) five years ago. NOW they take credit for things they've had NO influence in!


Julie Johnson
Proud Co-Founder

Posted by: JulieDee | Feb 7, 2005 8:42:32 PM

I think targeting HRC for giving an award to (ugh) Pfizer is right-on! It makes about as much sense as an anti-war organization giving an award to Lockheed-Martin or Halliburton.

In the last two years, thanks largely to aggressive reporting by one of my fellow Southern Californians — David Willman of the Los Angeles Times — we've seen how much what we "think" we know about medicine and health is really bought-and-paid-for "information" created by pharmaceutical companies and given the scientific imprimatur by bought-and-paid-for "scientists" who obediently design their studies in ways that will make the drug companies' products look as good as possible. As a result — and no thanks to the Queer community and the "drugs into bodies" mania that warped our perception of AIDS research in the 1980's and continues to be the mind-set of all too many groups in the Queer establishment, definitely including HRC — the current head of the National Institutes of Health actually had to backtrack and put forth a set of tough-sounding guidelines against drug-industry bribes of publicly funded scientists.

It's time we woke up and face the reality that what we think we know about "AIDS" and the supposedly "life-saving" drugs introduced to treat people with it (as well as so-called "asymptomatic" — i.e., NOT SICK — people who test "HIV-positive") may be as corrupted by the priorities of the pharmaceutical industry as (to use one example Willman cited) the (over)use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol. Given the sloppiness of most AIDS drug trials and the public relations mania that surrounds the condition, it's right and proper for a group of radical Queers to attack the pillars of the Queer establishment like HRC for being so in thrall to Big Pharma.

Posted by: Mark Conlan | Feb 5, 2005 10:13:56 PM

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