March 21, 2005

THEOCRACY WATCH #1: Evolution Censored--But Americans Don't Believe In It Anyway

Today DIRELAND inaugurates a new occasional feature: Theocracy Watch, which--as the increasing avalanche of assaults on the separation of Church and State and on rational thought warrants it--will bring you news of the Christian right's American Taliban and their depredations. Here's the first installment:

The I-Max chain has canceled screenings of science films in a dozen of its movie theaters because test screenings showed a majority of viewers judged their portraits of evolution "blasphemous" because they contradicted the Biblical portrayal of Genesis, the New York Times and the BBC report.

According to the BBC, "Religious controversy has reportedly affected the distribution of educational films such as Cosmic Voyage, Galapagos and Volcanoes of the Deep Sea to Imax cinemas, some based within science museums.  While relatively few cinemas were involved, it was feared it could have a profound knock-on effect across the world because of the high cost of producing Imax films."

At the same time, a new poll on religion and American life out today from NBC shows that a significant majority of our fellow citizens -- 57% -- believe in the literal truth of the Biblical explanation for the origin of human life, while only 33% believe in evolution (another 10%, who must have been living in a bubble, said they "didn't know.")

Among the other disturbing findings of the poll: a whopping 50% believe that the influence of religion is "losing its influence" on American life. Such is the paranoid worldview, propagated by the churches and the Dobson-led religious right, of a concerted satanic assault on their beliefs--their propaganda has persuaded a majority that they're losing--when, in fact, by every measure, government and private institutions have both been increasingly bending to religious-inspired censorship, particularly since the advent of The Twit as president. Separation of Church and State is on the run--as DIRELAND has been pointing out for some time now.

More from the NBC poll: 59% say religion plays some role in how they make decisions at election-time; 65% say religion plays some role in their interactions with their co-workers; 61% say religion plays some role in major health care decisions (ah, yes, poor Terri Schiavo, trapped by god-botherers in her non-functioning body against her will)  and 67% say religion plays some role in what they watch on television.

That last number no doubt is reflected in another new poll out today, from TIME magazine, showing that Americans want more censorship of TV. The TIME survey says that 68% of Americans believe  the entertainment industry has lost touch with viewers’ “moral standards," 53% want stricter F.C.C. censorship of sex and violence on TV, and 49% want to extend F.C.C. "indecency" regs to cover basic cable, including MTV and the E! channel on most cable systems (just as powerful Republican Senator Ted Stevens is proposing, as DIRELAND reported last week).

After the last 72 hours in the Schiavo affair--which saw Congress subpoena a human vegetable, both Senate and House vote to shred the Constitutional separation of powers, and The Twit flying back from Crawford to make sure Schiavo wouldn't be liberated from her suffering (although he's too busy to visit legless Iraq vets in their hospitals) --well, one can be forgiven if, at times, one wonders if we're not living in a better-furnished, fast-food version of Iran.....

Meanwhile, In Michigan, the legislature is set to vote soon on a bill approving the display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings--and the Democratic Governor, Jennifer Granholm--once known as a progressive, but who has been increasingly loud of late in her demands her party take a centrist course--says she has no problem with the bill....And today's New York Daily News reports that the Empire State's two U.S. Senators, Hillary and Chuck Schumer--principled public servants that they are--ducked the Schiavo vote in the Senate. In fact, not a single Democratic Senator objected to the Schiavo vote in the upper chamber, which could have blocked it. (Thankfully, Barney Frank, John Lewis, and a handful of other Democrats in Congress from safe seats put up a good, if symbolic, fight against the Bush-Rove-DeLay Republicans' totalitarian interference in the medical decision in the Schiavo case; the L.A. Times story on all this picked up on Barney's quote during the House debate: "The caption tonight ought to be: 'We're not doctors, we just play them on C-SPAN.'" But 47 House Democrats voted for the DeLay-sponsored Schiavo resolution--nearly as many as the 53 Dems who voted against it). Of course, as the Christian Science Monitor reports today, for the Republicans their Schiavo maneuver reflects "a desire to advance a 'culture of life' agenda that they think will be important in the 2006 elections and beyond.". Let's hope Hill, Chuckie, and the other cowardly Dems take note of the one bit of good news: the ABC poll out today showing Americans favor removal of Schiavo's feeding tube by 63% to 28%--while by a 25-point margin they opposed Congressional action in the Schiavo case....However, when it comes to fighting for the maintenance of the secular Republic which our Founding Fathers left to us, don't count on there being an opposition party in this country to stand up for rational thought and for keeping Church and State separate.....Stay tuned for more from DIRELAND's Theocracy Watch in the future.

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Posted by: laptop battery | Oct 12, 2008 10:34:40 PM

Time commissioned its pro-censorship opinion poll to run alongside a cover story titled "Has Television Gone Too Far?"

Of course Time won't dare bring up CNN or The WB. CNN uses US Army PsyOps to help prepare war news. The WB thinks it's cool for the US government to plant "Just Say No" propaganda in prime-time shows. It's no coincidence that Time, CNN and The WB are owned by the same Big Media giant -- Time Warner.

As for Time and its pro-censorship cover story: Reminds me of another cover story Time ran in 1974, titled "Has the Press Gone Too Far?" After that story ran the "smoking gun" tape surfaced -- and Nixon had no choice but to resign.

Posted by: Charles Everett | Mar 24, 2005 12:16:21 PM

There is hope for rational thought--I was force fed the Bible from birth. I adored evangelical preachers, saved my few pennies to give to God's work. I remember the first day I asked my mother what was there before God--I was 4. At 21, I came to California, went to church and came out saying, "how could I have ever believed that?"--bawling because I had instantly and irretriably lost my faith. And don't you all know that the evidence of evolution was put here by the devil?

Posted by: BJ | Mar 24, 2005 11:28:39 AM

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