October 19, 2005


In the new issue of the L.A. Weekly just out, my young friend Mehammed Amadeus Mack has a detailed look at the disturbing case of Taysir Allouni (left), the correspondent fTaysir_allounior Al-Jazeera who -- despite the fact that the court found he was not a member of Al Qaeda -- was last month sentenced to seven years in prison for collabortion with the terrorist organization. But of what did that supposed collaboration actually consist?

Mehammed Mack (right) unravels the awfully flimsy Mo_mack evidence with skill. He writes: "The case stemmed from a transaction Allouni carried out in 2000 with a businessman named Mohammed Bahaiah, a fellow Syrian and former neighbor of his in Spain, who had moved to Pakistan and developed business contacts with the Taliban. After selling his house and moving to the Middle East, Bahaiah asked Allouni to deliver the remaining $4,500 still owed him by the buyer of his house. Allouni paid Bahaiah out of his own pocket and was later reimbursed in Spain by the buyer. The Spanish judges saw the transfer as equivalent to material support for terrorism, since the money ended up in the hands of Bahaiah, whom they linked to al Qaeda. Allouni maintains that he delivered the money as a favor to someone who had provided him valuable knowledge about the Taliban.

"The case provoked a discussion about just how much is lost in translation when a foreigner’s way of doing journalism brushes up against the laws of his country of residence. During the trial, media outlets were abuzz with the same recurring question: Was Allouni an undercover al Qaeda sympathizer or just an ordinary reporter using unorthodox means to cover the Taliban? By his own testimony, Allouni was never aware that his reporting activities could be construed as criminal. His sentencing demonstrates that journalists living in countries, like Spain, with stringent anti-terror legislation are not free to exchange favors for journalistic access. Furthermore, the trial’s legacy could provoke new laws restricting journalistic freedom in Europe and abroad, with England and Australia now discussing draft proposals to govern journalists in the handling of terrorism cases...."

There's a great deal more to Mack's article -- including on what the Allouni case means for the future of journalistic freedom -- which you should read by clicking here. 

DID FOX NEWS OUT CONDI RICE? That's the question Rex Wockner asks in his amusing column for 365gay.com....

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