December 27, 2005


Helmet_1 The Bush administration is twisting itself into a pretzel trying to find ways not to diagnose soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including altering the diagnostic criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association-- that's the essence of a first-rate piece of reporting in today's Washington Post. .The article, by staffer Shankar Vedantam, relates the attempt to have politics dictate medicine. "Larry Scott, who runs the clearinghouse http://www.vawatchdog.org/ , said conservative groups are trying to cut VA disability programs by unfairly comparing them to welfare. "Compensating people for disabilities is a cost of war, he said: "Veterans benefits are like workmen's comp. You went to war. You were injured. Either your body or your mind was injured, and that prevents you from doing certain duties and you are compensated for that." Not cited by the WashPost was a New England Journal of Medicine study showing that 1 in 6 Iraq vets are suffering from PTSD -- and less than half of them seek treatment..

"Scott said Veterans Affairs' objectives were made clear in the department's request to the Institute of Medicine for a $1.3 million study to review how PTSD is diagnosed and treated," the WashPost continued. "Among other things, the department asked the institute -- a branch of the National Academies chartered by Congress to advise the government on science policy -- to review the American Psychiatric Association's criteria for diagnosing PTSD. Effectively, Scott said, Veterans Affairs was trying to get one scientific organization to second-guess another.

"PTSD experts summoned to Philadelphia for the two-day internal "expert panel" meeting were asked to discuss "evidence regarding validity, reliability, and feasibility" of the department's PTSD assessment and treatment practices, according to an e-mail invitation obtained by The Washington Post. The goal, the e-mail added, is "to improve clinical exams used to help determine benefit payments for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

"What they are trying to do is figure out a way not to diagnose vets with Natl_gulf_resource_center_logo PTSD," said Steve Robinson, executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center, a veterans advocacy group. "It's like telling a patient with cancer, 'if we tell you, you don't have cancer, then you won't suffer from cancer.' ..." The article makes the politics of this administration effort clear: "The growing national debate over the Iraq war has changed the nature of the discussion over PTSD, some participants said. "It has become a pro-war-versus-antiwar issue," said one VA official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because politics is not supposed to enter the debate. "If we show that PTSD is prevalent and severe, that becomes one more little reason we should stop waging war. If, on the other hand, PTSD rates are low . . . that is convenient for the Bush administration."

Earlier this year, USA Today reported in a lengthy article on PTSD that, "Of the 244,054 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan already discharged from service, 12,422 have been in VA counseling centers for readjustment problems and symptoms associated with PTSD." And that's an obvious undercount, for, as USA Today added, "Many of the most common wounds aren't seen until soldiers return home. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an often-debilitating mental condition that can produce a range of unwanted emotional responses to the trauma of combat. It can emerge weeks, months or years later. If left untreated, it can severely affect the lives not only of veterans, but their families as well." And the WashPost article underscored that many Iraq-Afghanistan vets suffering from PTSD are afraid to seek treatment, both because of the stigma attached to a mental disorder, and because the Bush administration's humiliating toughening of the criteria for diagnosing PTSD means the vets have to relive the very horrifying episodes that provoked the profound mental troubles. Moreover, "A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that one out of six soldiers surveyed may be struggling with PTSD," ABC News reported two weeks ago. You can read the New England Journal of Medicine study by clicking here.

PTSD has also become a budget issue:"In the past five years, the number of veterans receiving compensation for the disorder commonly called PTSD has grown nearly seven times as fast as the number receiving benefits for disabilities in general, according to a report this year by the inspector general of the Department of Veterans Affairs. A total of 215,871 veterans received PTSD benefit payments last year at a cost of $4.3 billion, up from $1.7 billion in 1999 -- a jump of more than 150 percent." And those numbers don't even reflect the full impact that will be felt when the boys currently occupying Iraq and fighting in Afghanistan return. So many soldiers are being driven 'round the bend by their service in an illegal war and occupation that now the Bushies are trying to exercise cost control by refusing to diagnose them! You can -- and should -- read the entire fascinating WashPost article by clicking here. And for more information on the PTSD issue, visit the National Gulf War Resources Center webpage devoted to it, and the VA Watch site, both of which have lots of links. The National Center for PTSD also has a lot of relevant material, including an Iraq Clinician's Guide

IRAQ ELECTION FRAUD: Bush may be prattling on about how his invasion brought democracy to Iraq and their "free" elections prove it -- but this morning's Los Angeles Times reports that, "More than 1,000 election fraud complaints have been filed with Iraqi officials, and there have been waves of protests in and around Baghdad. 'With these election results you're giving the resistance a reason to continue their resistance,' said Nabeal Mohammed Younis, a professor of political science and a Sunni Muslim Arab nationalist...." You can read the entire LA Times report by clicking here.

"FRENCH FARCE DURING THE BOXER REBELLION" -- That's the title of an interesting (and humorous) post last Friday, which I only just saw, from Walk the Talk, a blog written from Hong Kong by Stefan and Dave, two chaps in the tourism industry. Thanks, guys, for disinterring this fascinating morsel of forgotten history.

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Microwave surveillance:
Reason for some suicides and mass killings/TIA and microwave attacks

Please look at the other side of less-than lethal weapons and how they can be used.

I remember being in an ambulance on my way to the hospital on the morning of 1-1-2001, I had just suffered an all night attack by technology I couldn't imagine at the time. This came after a year of surveillance, threats and intimidation by police because I had made a complaint against an East Providence RI police officer. My wife who was divorcing me, was family friends with a lieutenant on the police department that had grown up across the street from her. Their mothers were actually best friends. In fact he was in the detective branch of the police department now.. The police had noticed I drove home the same way every day after dropping my son off at school, and had blocked the road and falsely arrested me using the officer I had made a complaint against and another officer I hadn't gotten along with for years. Being a fabrication this failed to stick. My own family was loosing faith in me at this point, finding it hard to believe the police would do all this against me and why. Of course they didn't know what I knew and it has taken years to piece it together. I only knew what happened not who did it, why, what technology and what laws brought this about. "What the government can do, it will do", to state a famous quote. I believe another quote is, "all things become known in time".
I was on my way to the hospital because of v2k(Voice to skull) attacks and the reason for these attacks was in part because of the local police and a government project called TIA(Total Information Awareness). I had sold my company after spending 11 years of building it. I was out of work with carpel tunnel syndrome. My wife of 17 years was divorcing me. She had spent the last two years going to nursing school that about tapped me out and she was steeling the rest and forging my checks. She had taken two of my three children. In divorce court the judge ordered me to pay child support and pay medical for the entire family even though I didn't have an income. So to live I had run my credit cards up to forty something thousand dollars with ten thousand of that to my divorce lawyer. I understood money well though after running that business.
I believe I may have come up on the NSA's computer under the program Total Information Awareness. A program looking for possible terrorist or people ready to pop. That and a long standing grudge by the local East Providence RI police. But they had no clue to who I was and the police were misleading the government. I had also applied legally for a blue card to possess a hand gun and had bought one to go shooting at the range with an uncle. I was followed from day one from the gun store. Having no criminal record but a great deal of animosity between me and the the local police because of their unprofessional-ism and corruption. They had beaten a young teenage friend into permanent mental illness and had attacked me, and other teens when young. Because of me and some friends, their practices were exposed and and two officers were let go by the East Providence RI police, by the practice of internal cleaning with no official report as to why they were driven out. This is a practice of not being responsible for their actions, legally or otherwise, and covering the corruption and criminal activities they participate in. This setting the ground work for a lifetime of attacks by police and their criminal associates, because of resentment against me. I was surveiled and attacked openly by the local police with no regard to keep their actions secret. They relished the intimidation factor and turned it more into a torture session and game.
They received equipment and people from the government far beyond their means, and much of it has not been acknowledged by our government yet. There are legal government pattens and posts on the Internet acknowledging voice to skull transmissions using microwave technology. The affects are microwave surveillance, voice to skull transmissions, increasing body temperature, nauseousness, etc.. The variations are to numerous to mention, it goes without saying you feel terrible in all kinds of ways as they mess with your mind and body with the purpose of making you commit suicide or lash out at who you think at the time is behind the attack. Imagine this is happening to you and there is no one in sight. You would be confused and somewhat in shock as was I at the time. If you kill yourself they will report you were in a depressed state and took your own life. There is no connection to any outside attack, no bruises cuts, no people or weapons to take pictures of. The weapons are not known of, and the FBI at first denied they existed and later told me they are only used on foreign nationals. If you lash out at who ever they might make you think it is attacking you then they say,this is why we need TIA, less freedoms, more intrusiveness into our privacy and our lives, restrictions against guns, etc.. You see the point, it is a win win situation for them. They plan to profit any way it goes, they get rid of subversives or anyone they like, or they make the argument to do more of the same or change laws to get more control. It is us who need more control over them. The average person would never stoop to these lowes or consider torture and forced suicide, or destroy someones reputation and family.
Our government learned of this weapon when the US embassy in Moscow was being bombarded with microwaves in the 90's. Our staff there had all kinds of ailments and problems until they figured out what was happening.
I first learned of this when I called an Air Force base in North Carolina and got to talk to a microwave scientist. He told me what had most likely happened to me and about the Moscow incident.
Now after the fact I've began writing a history of attacks against me. Starting with the police then attacked by a relative of the police etc., court dates, tickets. The tenant who moved into my second floor apartment who's two brothers had been East Providence RI police officers and so on. Thankfully Congress stopped almost all funding to TIA in 2003. But Now with the Bush surveillance program we may be falling back into insanity. What happened to me happened before 911 so their was no excuse, this abuse of power and technology has been a goal of our government for a long time. 911 was just what they needed to get all of us to go blind and insane for a time.
I go on to be locked up for twelve day for observation seeing the doctors could not believe an attack of this type could happen. After two pills to relax me I woke up strapped to a gurney and was read another Law allowing them to do so. Once they got their equipment set up the attack started again even in the hospital. After making threats against my family and playing a tape of my daughter crying and pretending that they had her. I was told to kill myself to save her. First to jump out of the window then to hang myself. I called my daughter in the morning and she answered, and I survived. How many people have died by this method? I am one tortured bastard and I'm sure I'm not alone.
When I got home all forms of communication were shut down. When I finally was able to get in touch with my telephone company I was told they received an order that I was changing telephone companies so they shut my service off and that it would take something like 2 weeks to restore. After that I got in touch with AOL an they said something like a 100 messages were sent from my account in less than a minute causing an automatic shut down of my account. This is beyond the abilities of my local police alone. Now the truth has to come out. If interested in my whole story Contact me.


Posted by: Peter | May 30, 2007 3:37:09 PM


Posted by: ds | Oct 25, 2006 5:41:45 AM

hi my name is Rafael Hernandez jr sorry for the informal letter but right now I too am a victim of microwave technology and I dont know how much longer I have until they decide to end their game and just kill me and my family.
I try seeiing prosecutor but did not have the necessary information up until now and thanks for the website my family is also a minor victim of such technology that is being abused by neighborghood psychics among others whom threaten not only the privacy of my family and I but also threaten our sanity and my family's health and home stability what use to be a tolerable abuse without snitchin turned into a full blast conspiracy blackmailing everything I encounter just for the sake of my torture.
I cannot pin it on these individuals because they use microwave hearing.

thanks for the time hope you can write back
or send me a letter to;

1942 west 77th
Wakefield Ave.
[email protected]

Posted by: Rafael Hernandez Jr | Mar 24, 2006 9:55:33 PM

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