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March 06, 2006


The next time you hear someone say that Al Jazeera TV doesn't air all points of view, Wafa_sultan have them take a look at this clip of a debate between Wafa Sultan, an Syrian exile and psychologist from Los Angeles (left), and Dr.Ahmad Bin Muhammad, an Algerian professor of religious politics..Sultan declares, "I don't believe in the supernatural," and tells the angry religion professor, "You can believe in stones if you want -- as long as you don't throw them at me!" You can see this rather extraordinary TV moment by clicking here. Wafa Sultan's secularist manifesto, delivred on Al Jazeera, makes a nice change from the ranting mullahs and frothing Christian fundamentalist preachers one normally sees on the little screen. DIRELAND is atheist country -- and, we repeat, this space is an equal opportunity blasphemer (see the Jewish cartoon  at the end of our previous post, Letter from Rome.) This clip has been around since last summer, but I only just saw it when it was sent to me by a friend. And it's still worth watching. Tariq_ramadan_fourest_book_1 Wafa Sultan's words would give even a Jerry Falwell or a Pat Robertson -- not to mention a Tariq Ramadan -- heartburn. Tariq Ramadan vs. Wafa Sultan-- now there's a debate I'd like to see (see her article, "The Muslim Brotherhood: Who Are They Trying to Fool?" The Brotherhood was, of course, founded by Tariq Ramadan's grandfather and, until recently, run by his brother -- and, despite Tariq's denials, he has deep ties to it, as the Arab-speaking French journalist Caroline Fourest demonstrated in her essential and authoritativre book, "Frere Tariq: Discours, Strategie, et Methode de Tariq Ramadan.", Editions Grasset, Paris, 2004. And one should never forget that the Muslim Brotherhood has a violent hatred of Arabs who are left-wingers; for example, the Brotherhood is notoriously responsible for the assassination and massacre of a great many secular Arab Communists.).

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this women destiny will be not more lucky than the danish journalist who drew th e caricatier he was found near the journal completely burned that is because of their sick mind . i am sure that this women is part of israilian plane to arrest all of the world please read the israilian book that contains their protocols and you will know .....fuck wafaa sultan

Posted by: basem | Aug 14, 2006 12:40:19 PM


Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy when will it end. Memri is out there spreading lies and lies. Perhaps MEMRI should instruct us about the Lakota and Cheyenne massacres. Great historical touch, George.

Posted by: Kenneth | May 1, 2006 6:57:32 PM


MEMRI is the abbreviation for Middle East Media Research Institute, a pro-Israel organization with headquarters in Washington DC and its Media Centre in Israel - "...
a non-profit in Washington DC that specializes in translating and circulating mainly Arab-language materials, selected to display the Arab world in a poor light, to the advantage of Israel."

FULL ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT TRANSLATION AL- JAZEERA here : Ehttp://aqoul.com/images/wafa_sultan.pdf

The MEMRI debate was very much truncated, and the full debate had the scholar for the most part patronizing her, and not taking her seriously.

Her arguments were just too childesh to take seriously, and the audiacity of her facile questioning for the most part seemed like trolling rather than engaging in debate.

The showing for the scholar was hardly as bad as MEMRI makes it look...

This may enlighten you about their organisation .......
Fake Saddam Interview Put Out By MEMRI : SF Bay Area Indymedia

"A knowledgeable US government official has informed "Iraq News" that the 'remarkable' interview with Saddam Hussein, published by MEMRI TV, is almost certainly a hoax." Read More:

Did you not wonder if it was a debate, why was Wafa Sultan doing all the gibber-gabbering? Where are the responses from the two (2) Muslim
participants in the debate? Why were they not given the opportunity to have the same air-time to respond to this woman? The way the video clip
was going on-and-off so many times, isn't it obvious to you that the debate was one-sided and had been edited! Some debate!!!

Wafa's statements are a flagrant distortion of the truth. When it comes to terrorism Wafa is totally wrong in sugarcoating Jewish history. She
fudges her claims here because Israeli authors Avi Shlaim, Tom Segev, Ilan Pappé and Benny Morris have written comprehensive and
well-researched books about Israel's history and the major role terrorism had in it

MEMRI has published translated and heavily edited portions of the exchange. Since the full translation was made in an attempt to reduce any misinformation or ignorant postulation, and hope that the full transcript speaks accurately for itself

MISLEADING M.E.M.R.I. : obviously, we don't know why the people @ m.e.m.r.i. chose to translate the term mulhidah (the term ibrahim al-khouly used to ask wafa sultan if she is one) as "heretic" and not "atheist".
the term for "apostate" (the punishment for which could be death) is murtadd/murtaddah. and it is highly unlikely that ibrahim al-khouly, being a professor @ al-azhar, mistakenly used the word mulhidah when ACTUALLY he wanted to say murtaddah.

as for al-khouly's answer - the m.e.m.r.i translation was almost right with the phrase "there is no point in rebuking you", but the term 'atb means "rebuke" in the sense of "censure, blame, reproof, reprimand" and here it is clear that his argument is: if you're an atheist, then i cannot say anything if you curse islam, the prophet, the qur'an. he implies that atheists are outside islam and islam has no say over them. it'd be different if wafa sultan had self-identified as a believing muslim - in that case, insulting the religion, the prophet, the qur'an would be a different matter and he (ibrahim al-khouly) would have the right to censure/reprimand/rebuke her.
in short, his answer is almost the EXACT OPPOSITE of a "death fatwa".

1. Two questions: Is it fair for MEMRI to disseminate such a biased perspective? And will all the websites i saw propagating the false-death-fatwa meme publish retractions? Or is it just ok for that false meme to pass into urban myth.

2. The most interesting thing i read that Al-Khouly said was, "so, in order to become a progressive like you, muslims must become secular, must renounce our faith..." How many Christians and Jews here are prepared to renounce their faith to become progressives? That is not a rhetorical question. Transhumanism is soon going to force exactly that kind of choice for western religionists.

Anyone with a 3rd grade history lesson would have told you she was completely wrong. Proto-Zionist’s in Palestine and Europe have blown up anyone or anything that challenged the establishment of a Zionist safe haven. The Bask have had a long war with Spain (which is still alive and well), the Tamil tigers have had more suicide bombings than all other nations combined including the ones in occupied Palestine. The illegal occupation of Iraq and Vietnam by the United Hates of America are nothing compared to the massacres of Pawnee, Lakota, and 300 other Native American nations and cultures over a time span of 400 years. Oh and by the way I’ll stay away from the enslavement, rape, and killing of over one hundred million Africans just so you don’t say I am playing the race card. And let us not forget the most recent tragedy of all the war casualties of WWI and WWII. You racist ethnocentric xenophobes make me sick. Anyone who wants to preserve their way of life or practice their beliefs or culture is not a threat to you it is you who are a threat to them. The Anglo-Yiddish a.k.a. Ashkenazi and Anglo-Saxon war machines are well know for their long running campaigns and treaty breakings.

Posted by: george D | Apr 25, 2006 11:32:56 AM

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