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July 26, 2010

Demand Target Stop Donating to Anti-Gay Politicians

From Change.org: "Retail giant Target has given $150,000 to a political candidate in Minnesota, Tom Emmer Tom Emmer
[ABOVE, the Republican-endorsed candidate for governor], who has ties to a radical Christian rock band, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, that has called for gays and lesbians to be murdered. The money, given by Target to a political action committee known as Minnesota Forward, has made its way to the Emmer campaign, despite Emmer's closeness with the anti-gay group.

"What makes this move all the more troubling is that Target openly markets to the LGBT community, and has previously incorporated a number of LGBT-specific corporate policies. For them to filter money, let alone such a high amount, to an organization funding a candidate with ties to an anti-gay hate group flies in the face of their corporate practice, and sends a message that a politics based on fear and hatred toward LGBT people is acceptable.

"Please SIGN THE PETITION to Target today to demand that they stop funding political candidates with a track record that runs counter to LGBT equality. In this particular case, the Minnesota politician in question, Tom Emmer, has clear ties to a group advocating violence toward LGBT people. Emmer hasn't denounced the group, and instead has welcomed them at events and praised their work. That's not the type of politics Target should be in the business of supporting."

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July 22, 2010


COLLECTIVE AMNESIA: The media have been silent about Shirley Sherrod's husband, Charles Sherrod, a real hero to many of us in the '60s for his key role as a leader in SNCC Charles Sherrod Ga.in building an INTER-RACIAL civil rights movement. (LEFT: Charles Sherrod in Georgia in the early '60s.) Charlie, who was known as "the soul of the movement in Georgia,"  left SNCC when Stokely Carmichael took it over, expelled white folks, and adopted "black power" as its ideology, in order to continue building a black-and-white movement in Georgia. The notion that Charlie's wife could have been guilty of what's being called "reverse racism" against whites is therefore douibly ludicrous. Some of us who knew Charlie back when, however, haven't forgotten his shining example. As PBS remarked in its documentary "This Far By Faith":

"Sherrod was one of the first to practice the jail-no bail policy, which became a common tactic of the movement. When ten students were arrested for a sit-in in Rock Hill, South Carolina in February of 1961, Sherrod and three others went to Rock Hill, held a sit-in, were arrested, refused bail, and served thirty-day sentences in an attempt to dramatize the injustice of the law. (RIGHT: Charles Sherrod in 2005 Charles Sherrod today.)

"Early on, one of SNCC's areas of focus was southwest Georgia, where Sherrod went in the fall of 1961 at age 22. Two months after arriving in Albany, Georgia, Sherrod and SNCC field workers led a large series of demonstrations that would last for over three difficult years, during which hundreds were arrested. By printing up leaflets, registering voters, and holding seminars on non-violent resistance, they galvanized Albany's black students to rise up and challenge unjust laws of segregation. Throughout this time, Sherrod and SNCC field workers traveled throughout the surrounding counties to educate and register black voters in southwest Georgia's rural areas..."

 See Charlie Sherrod's bio here.

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